Yamaha QL1

Technische Daten:
- Sampling frequency rate Internal 44.1kHz / 48kHz
External 44.1kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm), 48kHz: +4.1667%, +0.1%, -0.1%, -4.0% (±200ppm)
- Signal delay Less than 2.5ms, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Fs= 48kHz
Fader 100mm motorized, Resolution=1024steps, +10dB to –138dB, –?dB all faders
- Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.05% 20Hz-20kHz@+4dBu into 600?, INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain= Min.
- Frequency response +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz, INPUT to OMNI OUT
- Dynamic range 112dB typ.: DA Converter / 108dB typ.: INPUT to OMNI OUT, Input Gain = Min.
Hum & noise level Equivalent input noise -128dBu typ., Equivalent Input Noise, Input Gain=Max
Residual output noise -88dBu, Residual output noise, ST master off
Crosstalk -100dB*1, adjacent INPUT/OMNI OUT channels, Input Gain = Min.
Power requirements 100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 135W
Mischpult in einem Case - ohne Rollen
Abmessung: t.b.d. mm (LxBxH)
Gewicht: t.b.d. kg

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