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Sound reaches our ears at a staggering 340 metres per second. We all know that feeling when the show kicks off and a rich, warm wall of sound gushes through your body. As sound experts, we understand how important a finely tuned soundscape is for an event to be a success. Dozens of factors have to come together in order for you to end up in a room or in front of a festival stage and say: ‘Wow! That sounds great.’


We aim to create the best sound for every event. Whether a booming open-air experience, an intimate concert, a hip fashion show or a crucial business conference: you can always count on a custom acoustic experience, tailored precisely to your needs. We use state-of-the-art technology to create the best results. You can book the complete package with the whole service or choose individual components to suit you – it depends on how you want to host your event. Whatever you choose, you’ll be heard loud and clear.
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