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Media wall Düsseldorf Airport

MEDIA SPECTRUM installs large media wall at Düsseldorf Airport


Since the end of April, Düsseldorf Airport has a new technical attraction. MEDIA SPECTRUM spent weeks installing the largest indoor media wall at a German airport.

Strictly speaking, there are actually two walls mounted next to each other, which broadcast their high-resolution image to the east and west. With a width of almost seven metres and a height of around four metres, these walls are among the largest fixed installations of Seamless Walls in the world. Each wall is equipped with 25 Sharp Seamless Displays of 60 inches each. In addition to the high luminous intensity of the displays, the resolution of the two walls, which can play back spots in 4K quality, is particularly impressive.

Despite the total weight of about four tonnes, the walls appear almost filigree and thus fit in wonderfully with the architecture of Düsseldorf Airport. This is mainly due to the fact that the media walls are only held by two motors with a load-bearing capacity of 2.5 tonnes each and are not fixed at any other point. This makes them appear as if they are gliding almost weightlessly in space. For this installation, MEDIA SPECTRUM drew on its extensive wealth of experience in event technology. “We have been involved with innovations in rigging/motors and video technology for around 30 years. Here we were able to excellently combine this experience with the latest technology,” says MEDIA SPECTRUM managing director Jörg Bettray.

The implementation of the mammoth project was absolutely on schedule and that despite the elaborate considerations and calculations in advance, which were carried out together with the planning department of Düsseldorf Airport as well as the technical planning agency BEN HUR from Cologne. This is because both the motors and the displays are checked and maintained annually. For this purpose, the complete media wall is moved down to the arrivals level. “We have found a solution here where the replacement motors take over the load at the moment the standard motors are removed for maintenance,” says Jörg Bettray. “And, of course, the strict fire protection regulations at Düsseldorf Airport are also complied with.”