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100 years Münster Musik

100th anniversary of Münster Musik – the Prinzipalmarkt as a concert hall.

At Whitsun, the Symphony Orchestra Münster, the Westphalian School of Music and the Münster University of Music celebrated their 100th anniversary, and of course in grand style with a three-day open-air festival!

In the city center on the Prinzipalmarkt, the team of Media Spectrum, on the occasion of this special celebration, was allowed to set up the stage and the associated technology for the orchestra.

During the three-day festival, the approximately 10,000 spectators and listeners were able to marvel at and celebrate a wide variety of performances by the Westphalian School of Music, the Münster Music Academy and the Symphony Orchestra. From jazz to pop to film music, there was something for every taste.

But the highlight of the anniversary celebration was presented on the evening of Pentecost Sunday:

Not only the symphony orchestra was allowed to present its skills, but also amateur singers could sign up to perform the piece “Carmina Burana”, so that very quickly a 600-strong choir was formed!

“The giant choir and the symphony orchestra were celebrated with great jubilation. Münster experienced a unique musical round dance on this Whitsun festival, which gives courage to tackle ambitious projects in the music city of Münster,” according to the Münstersche Zeitung.

After this event, no doubts remain: Münster is a city of music!