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Sustainability in the event industry

Making the event industry more sustainable? It’s possible!
Thanks to the numerous possibilities to act in an environmentally friendly way, we can also contribute to this in the event industry.

After many spotlights in our lighting area are already running on batteries, we now also have the first e-car in our inventory. The corresponding charging station is of course also available to our customers, so that they can continue to take off with new energy.
In the event industry, we are generally on the road a lot and cover a lot of kilometres, which is why the e-car offers the great advantage of reducing some of the CO2 emissions and thus acting in a more environmentally conscious way.
We do not want to close ourselves off to such new technology and are trying to keep up with it.

We have also made a change in the area of “disposable articles”: Instead of cardboard and plastic cups, we use insulated cups as well as drinking bottles as an environmentally friendly and reusable alternative.

In many areas, you can do something for the environment and we want to make our contribution.