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Esprit 2019

In 2019, we were able to organise a whole series of events for ESPRIT. At the Partnerdays in November, numerous suppliers and dealers / suppliers of Esprit were invited to exchange ideas after various fashion shows and presentations, before the event days ended with an evening event.

In addition to a stage, two catwalks were built in the main area for the fashion shows. In terms of technology, LED technology was used throughout and only head-mounted LED spotlights were installed in the lighting area. The back wall was a continuous 8m x 4.5m Infiled DB 3.4 LED wall.In addition to the main area, the Media Spectrum team equipped five other rooms with the appropriate technology for various presentations.

With such successful events, it is nice to look back on what has happened and we are already excited about the new projects that await us in 2020 in cooperation with Esprit!