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Claas kick-off event early purchase

No matter what time of day, rain or shine – MEDIA SPECTRUM always finds the right event solution.

For the CLAAS kick-off event Frühkauf, a concept for an outdoor event was needed that would work in all weather conditions and times of day, as well as on a large company site. The specialists from MEDIA SPECTRUM specially constructed a 30×10 m weatherproof grandstand for this purpose.

A 9×5 m outdoor 4.6 mm pixel pitch LED wall set the scene for the presented content. The appearance was rounded off by a 50×6 m banner wall and a 130 m long fence banner, which also created the appropriate atmosphere in daylight.

This event was a pure live event. 100 guests took part under Corona conditions. In addition to the hygiene planning, MEDIA SPECTRUM provided the complete technology, set construction and process and camera direction.

Photos: CLAAS, Thomas Jung, MEDIA SPECTRUM