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75 jears NRW

The state of NRW celebrated its 75th birthday with a grand ceremony on 23 August 2021. The high-profile event at the racecourse in Düsseldorf was attended by many hundreds of invited guests. In addition to Minister President Armin Laschet, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also on hand.

With a width of 20 m and a depth of 16 m as well as various proscenium stages and extensions, MEDIA SPECTRUM built the main stage in the form of a super-beamed stage. The specialists also supplied all the technical equipment – two LED walls with a pixel pitch of 4.6 mm and a size of 6×3.5 m as well as camera and control technology and its peripherals, the images of which were also used for the live broadcast by WDR.

The sound reinforcement for the live guests seated on the existing grandstand was realised with the new KSL system from d&b Audiotechnik, whose processing perfectly mastered the difficult situation caused by reflections from the grandstand.

MEDIA SPECTRUM was also responsible for the lighting of the more than 400 m² stage area.

In addition to the guests on site, the successful event thrilled both the TV viewers and the organisers.