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CLAAS Trion Launch

This summer, MEDIA SPECTRUM realised a virtual launch event for the new generation of CLAAS combine harvesters. For this online/streaming event, the Techno Park in Harsewinkel was completely rebuilt and redesigned. Over six production days, the MEDIA SPECTRUM team designed different sets and setups and created all the technical trades.

In order to present the new TRION combine harvester in a spectacular way, a virtual world was created – in extended reality, or XR for short. This stands for the technical extension of the real world by virtual aspects as well as the interaction between real object and virtual contents.

The real object, the TRION, was placed in a virtual three-dimensional environment and could thus be presented in different fictional environments. The functions of the combine harvester could also be additionally animated and explained. Any environment was possible, while at the same time one could simply get in and start the engine.

This feat was achieved due to good planning, expert execution and excellent technology: High-performance computers and media servers were necessary to create the worlds that appeared real. Four fully tracked cameras enabled the fusion of reality and virtuality.

As a studio background, the MEDIA SPECTRUM team also built a 2/3 circle screen with a diameter of 25 m and a height of 5.5 m for this project. Due to the green corporate colour of CLAAS, this was painted with a special blue colour. Almost 50 Elation KL panels were used for homogeneous illumination of the large combine harvester and the speakers.

The launch event was then streamed on the internet and reached almost 3,000 CLAAS partners in eleven different languages, bringing the new TRION to life.