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Right at the beginning, MEDIA SPECTRUM already provided the complete technology for the AaSeerenaden in Münster. Since its inauguration eight years ago, the organisers of the unique open-air concert at Münster’s Aasee have relied on the expertise of the specialists from Willich.

The cross-over concert with pop and, above all, large classical parts poses special challenges for the sound technology. Every year MEDIA SPECTRUM has been praised for the excellent sound experience by the audience as well as by the artists. But with the new V-Series with the new J-Infa subwoofers from d&b Audiotechnik, MEDIA SPECTRUM’s technicians also have convincing and first-class technology at their disposal.

There is also a novelty in stage construction that the audience will appreciate. In 2014, the stage was clearly removed from the shore by bridges about ten metres long, which further enhances the character of the lake stage.

Above all, MEDIA SPECTRUM has another unusual innovation in its package: a completely transparent stage back wall not only makes the construction lighter. The audience can also enjoy the traditional closing fireworks of the AaSeerenaden behind the stage from all seats.