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Girls' and Boys' Day

The annual Girls’ and Boys’ Day took place on April 25, and we also opened our doors to school students.
During this one-day event, we introduced the young people to our professional fields in a fun way. The organization and adherence to the day’s schedule was managed by our trainees, who created an exciting and job-specific concept for the day’s activities in advance.
The day began with a short introductory event in which we presented our company and shared the day’s schedule with the students. This was followed by a tour of our warehouse. Afterwards, we had prepared a special task for each of our three training professions that had to be solved. Afterwards, the pupils were able to get hands-on in our electrical workshop and a small set-up of lighting and sound technology, where they were able to work directly with us and try things out.
At the end of the day, all students received a goodie bag from us.
The feedback from the career explorers showed that we were able to give everyone a good insight into the varied world of events, which made the day a complete success!