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CLAAS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, combine harvesters and tractors. For over 30 years, we have been staging the presence for these fantastic products throughout Europe. Whether at trade fairs, conferences, product and innovation launches, whether digital, hybrid or in presence. Whether in Germany, France or elsewhere in the world. The spectacular products and the creative collaboration are also something very special for us.

Huge combine harvesters, powerful tractors, telescopic loaders, choppers and balers in large format – this is the world of agricultural machinery of our customer CLAAS. With great joy and shining eyes, we dive into this world together again and again, realising many creative ideas and translating them into a technically extensively planned event concept. Our task is to present highly professional products perfectly. We do this with enthusiasm, experience, creative approaches and state-of-the-art technology. Together with CLAAS, we celebrated a remarkable anniversary in 2013: CLAAS was 100 years old, and we have already been able to accompany it for 25 years with our services and technical know-how. We are proud of this partnership and look forward to the next 25 years!

This summer we implemented a special launch format for CLAAS.

We realised a virtual launch event for the new generation of CLAAS combine harvesters. For this online/streaming event, the Techno Park in Harsewinkel was completely rebuilt and redesigned. Over six production days, the MEDIA SPECTRUM team designed different sets and setups and created all the technical trades.

In order to present the new TRION combine harvester in a spectacular way, a virtual world was created – in extended reality, or XR for short. This stands for the technical extension of the real world by virtual aspects as well as the interaction between real object and virtual contents.

The real object, the TRION, was placed in a virtual three-dimensional environment and could thus be presented in different fictional environments. The functions of the combine harvester could also be additionally animated and explained. Any environment was possible, while at the same time one could simply get in and start the engine.

This large-scale project succeeded due to good planning, expert execution and excellent technology: High-performance computers and media servers were necessary to create the worlds that appeared real. Four fully tracked cameras enabled the fusion between reality and virtuality.