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Unforgettable corporate event event with 800 guests under open canopy

Together with the company Köhler Kommunikation from Düsseldorf, we have been planning the internal company event “90 years Teckentrup” since spring 2022.

Already during the planning stage, considerations were included as to how to protect the employees from a Corona infection. It quickly became clear that closed tents were not a good solution. Despite the weather risk, the decision was made in favor of an open roofing with a unique ambience. Directly next to the company buildings of the Teckentrup company, on the open meadow built an approx. 55m x 25m canopy with a 25m wide and 6m high stage with back wall.

The complete event area of approx. 1500m² was covered with rubber plates, so that the guests did not have to stand or sit on the lawn.

Media Spectrum was responsible for the concept, planning and technical handling of the event in all areas.

It was an event that showed the last 90 years but especially the future. Not only the management but also many employees have been on stage themselves as contributors. Thanks also to the good weather, it was certainly an unforgettable company event for the 800 guests, which everyone will talk about for a long time.