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hat began in 1983 as part of a festival idea in the deepest part of the Lower Rhine and a “board stage” with sound technology has developed 40 years later into a full service specialist with a broad and quality-oriented range of services and a stable employer in the region.

Being a full service provider specialising in event technology and exhibition stand construction for 40 years is without a doubt a special anniversary. But this is not the only big anniversary this year. The Haldern Pop Festival, which can look back on an equally long success story, is also celebrating its 40th anniversary. We have celebrated this special common ground together after four decades of working together in partnership. Together, we have not only achieved milestones, but also created memories that are forever anchored in our shared history.

From 3 – 5 August 2023, we had the pleasure of welcoming our business partners to the Haldern Pop Festival on the occasion of our 40th anniversary.
Despite challenging weather conditions, there was an exuberant mood and a very special atmosphere. Numerous guests accepted our invitation to the Haldern Pop Festival and celebrated our 40th company anniversary with us, making these three days unforgettable.

Special thanks go to our team and to the Haldern Pop Festival, who together put on something extraordinary with great dedication.
We had a great time.Thanks to everyone who was there.

Here’s to the next 40 years!

🖤40 years of Mediaspectrum
🖤 40 years of Haldernpop
🖤 40 years of cooperation