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40 years Media Spectrum – 2021 - 30-strong team / 2022 - Generation change

After almost 10 years and healthy, steady growth, Media Spectrum grew to a strong and competent team of 30 dedicated employees in 2021 despite the coronavirus pandemic. We are proud of our team, which sets us apart.

At the beginning of 2022, the company then initiated a generational change in management. Since then, Melanie Schobel has strengthened the company management. The distribution of management responsibility creates room for growth and innovation and puts the company’s expertise on a broader footing.
After Dirk Schmidt-Enzmann, founder of Media Spectrum, had already handed over the management of the company completely to his previous co-managing director Jörg Bettray in autumn 2021, he brought support from his own ranks into his management team.

This was our last Throwback Thursday of the year. Next year, we’ll take you into our exciting project world of the last 40 years!